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Skyworth 65S9300 65 Inches UHD LED TV

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Key Features [full spec]

  • ✔ Display Type: LED
  • ✔ Screen Size: 65 Inches
  • ✔ Connectivity: HDMI, USB, WiFi
  • ✔ Resolution: 3840×2160
  • ✔ Audio Output: 20 Watts
  • ✔ Color: Black
  • ✔ Power Supply: 50/60 Hz, AC100-240V Hz
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Overview & Full Specifications of Skyworth 65S9300 65 Inches UHD LED TV

The Skyworth 65S9300 is a 65-inch UHD LED TV marketed by a leading brand. The huge screen produces life-like pictures and contents without interruption. Attractive color and design added with energy efficiency and eco-friendly features make the TV a must appliance at home. View movies and videos enjoying the life like pictures and noiseless sounds on the TV screen.
Display Screen
Display screen of the UHD LED TV is huge at 65 inches that generates a theater hall like ambiance where it is installed. The pictures generated are clear and precise even at a distance of 4-4.8 meters. The video display format is 2160 pixels. It also has very high screen resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Its aspect ratio is 16:9
There are more than 4 speakers in the TV that produces rich and high noise-free sound output.
This TV is built around UHD LED technologies for image and surrounds sound for audio. Its received system is PALNTSCSECAM.
Modes and Settings
For adjusting the display features, the LED TV has an IPS panel. Easy backlight adjustments ensure uninterrupted display. It also supports RF radio connectivity as well as multiple interfaces. The TV runs on Android operating system and therefore is platform independent. It has point to point scan mode and for power saving it uses standby mode.
For external connectivity the TV has 3 HDMI ports. In addition, it has USB media player and Wi-Fi Internet connectivity. The TV supports network media playing and online movies.
Other Features
The huge sized LED TV is available in attractive black and white colors. Both the colors are shiny and the TV is also extremely durable as it is built using the best materials available in the industry.
Energy Rating 
The TV is energy efficient and it functions in the power supply in the range of 100-240 AC volts at 50-60 Hz.

Skyworth 65S9300 65 Inches UHD LED TV Specs

Features: App. Store, HDMI ARC, HDR technology, Healthy sports, MEMC, Multiple Interfaces, OLED Share, Sky share, Sleep Time, Smart TV, Soft Touch Control, SRS Surround
Power Supply: 50/60 Hz, AC100-240V Hz
Display Features: Ultra HD Features
Functionality: Smart TV Units
Warranty: 1
Display Type: LED
Screen Size: 65 Inches
Connectivity: HDMI, USB, WiFi
Resolution: 3840×2160
Audio Output: 20 Watts
Color: Black


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